Panama Canal

Coastal construction in Summit
Panama Canal
Panama Canal
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The Panama Canal (Spaingie: Canal de Panamá) is a 77.1-kilometre (48 mi) ship canal in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean (via the Caribbean Sea) tae the Paceefic Ocean. The canal cuts athort the Isthmus o Panama an is a key conduit for internaitional maritime trade. Thare are locks at each end tae lift ships up tae Gatun Loch, an airtifeecial loch creatit tae reduce the amoont o excavation wirk required for the canal, 26 metres (85 ft) abuin sea level. The current locks are 33.5 metres (110 ft) wide. A third, wider lane o locks is currently unner construction an is due tae open in 2016.

Tips & Hints

Edin Krnic
Edin Krnic 4 February 2013
Just perfect
mstrrr 9 September 2013
Want to avoid the crowds or see the ships from ground level? For a spectacular view Just follow the road down the canal, left from the central building with the museum. You will be the only one there.
Charles B
Charles B 29 October 2011
Impressive shit.
Edwin Acevedo
Edwin Acevedo 2 June 2013
Play with the simulator. Its pretty cool.
David González
David González 1 June 2013
The feeling of passing through the Canal in a Cruise ship is amazing, a unique experience that makes you part of history, try it if you can.
Silent Storm
Silent Storm 12 May 2013
This places closes at 4. So get there by 3 to get through museum and movie and see at least one set of boats get through.
Gabriel Vera
Gabriel Vera 4 August 2012
Demasiadas foreign blondies, matures & milfs #uff
Kimberley Berges ~ The Property Girl
Incredible to see ~ great restaurant and viewing deck
Carlos B.
Carlos B. 15 August 2014
100 years of Panama Canal...!!!
Fer 8 June 2013
El Canal de Panama el punto neuralgico de la economia del caribe
Niko Foxs
Niko Foxs 9 March 2013
Muy buena vista. Add me :)
Paul Juarez
Paul Juarez 24 October 2011
No puede faltar en tu ruta: indispensable.
Gidward Gomez
Gidward Gomez 19 March 2013
Pasar por el museo y luego ver pasar el barco
Andres Beat
Andres Beat 27 February 2013
Claudio Moizes Decares
Claudio Moizes Decares 1 March 2013
muito lindo!...ainda mais apreciando um camarão...
Andrea Ivanov
Andrea Ivanov 18 August 2012
Me encanto! la visita
Ximena Gomez
Ximena Gomez 22 October 2011
Omar Polo
Omar Polo 9 January 2017
El museo es muy lindo, la película que pasan en el cine pudo estar mejor acabada. De los 4 pisos para ver barcos todos se aglomeran arriba, pero del restaurante es más lindo y solo debes comprar algo.
Andres Franco
Andres Franco 12 August 2014
Parada obligada, visite una de las 3 exclusas para entender por que el canal es considerada la séptima 7 maravilla del mundo. El recorrido completo toma tiempo, vaya con calma para que aprecie todo.
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