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30 St Mary Axe

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30 St Mary Axe (widely kent informally as "the Gherkin" an previously the Swiss Re Biggin) is a skyscraper in Lunnon's main financial destrict, the Ceety o Lunnon, completit in December 2003 an opened in Aprile 2004. Wi 41 fluirs, the touer is 180 metres (591 ft) taw an stands on a street cried St. Mary Axe, on the umwhile steid o the Baltic Exchange, which wis extensively damaged in 1992 bi the explosion o a bomb placed bi the Provisional IRA.

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Tony Yau
11 October 2010
One of London's most impressive erections.
4 August 2011
The site of the famous Gherkin was formerly occupied by the Baltic Exchange, a historic building which was damaged by an IRA bomb in 1992.
James Parton
17 February 2012
Run around in the revolving doors so you can say you have been inside, much to the annoyance of the security guards....
Alliott Cole
10 March 2010
Head to the cafe at the top, sensational 360 degree views across London.
Libra! 🚺
7 October 2013
My opinion, The Gherkin is the most impressive building in London, and looks great at night from Heron Tower.
Jeffrey Zeldman
16 October 2012
Iconic modern architecture and symbol of London designed by Norman Foster and Arup engineers.
15 June 2011
One of the most iconic London landmarks, located just a few yards down Liverpool Street. Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of London while enjoying a coffee on the top floor.
Luis Gomez-Lanza Romero
22 September 2013
open house london 2013, the best queues in London
Morgans Hotel Group Manager
Technically, this is the Swiss Re building, but everyone calls it the Gherkin, for obvious reasons. Or a torpedo, or a cigar...Entry is by employment with Swiss Re, or a private table at 40/30
Colin Rose
29 January 2012
One of the best looking new buildings in London, and a very futuristic monument on the horizon. Check out the concave mirror or the Inside-Out Building nearby.
Ann Griffiths
24 August 2011
If you can get to the restaurant / bar at the top, do. Most breathtaking views of London I've ever seen, glorious watching-the-sun-set location, and not a bad drinks menu either
National Maritime Museum
The Baltic Exchange once stood here. From an 1823 coffee house group keen to combat ‘wild gambling’ in commodities, it is now the world’s most important market for shipping. Find your maritime story.
Daniel Chapman
11 August 2010
30 St Mary Axe London EC3A 8EP
Heba 💜
11 May 2017
Huge well structured building ❤️😍
23 September 2016
If you come for open house get here for 7am. I was in the queue at 7:30 and it took over 2hours to get up :(
OngAndrew 翁
15 January 2015
One of the great architecture in London City
Sarah Hannah
11 January 2015
Best place to unwind and take a breather from the busy life. Know someone who can get you in or become a member. Watching the sunset is a special and unique experience in this crowded city!
Taben Nike
2 December 2012
Финансовый центр Лондона. Штаб-квартира компании Swiss Re. Официальное название 41-этажного небоскреба "30 St Mary Axe"/"Сент-Мэри Экс 30", но аборигены называют его «Огурец» (англ. The Gherkin)
Rafi Pesis
28 March 2013
הבנין נראה מדהים לא יאומן
Parisian Geek
13 February 2011
30 St Mary Axe ou le "Cornichon" est le premier gratte-ciel écologique du pays. Au dernier étage, il y a un bar avec une vue à 360° sur Londres! Profitez du paysage avec un bon thé.
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